SEO Backlinks

Studies suggest that 69% of marketers think that buying links can improve a site’s search rankings, so if you are considering buying promotion then statistically that may actually help aid your backlink strategies. Backlinks are links on one website that point to another website. Backlinks are the meat and potatoes of SEO strategy. And Google has confirmed that backlinks remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.

To understand why some backlinks are better than others, you first have to understand why backlinks are so influential in the first place.

What are SEO backlinks?

You can find examples of website backlinks all over the internet, especially on popular blog sites that link back to relevant content. To generate backlinks, market the tool with sites that have a similar readership to yours (use SEO tools to find them) and the sites your guest writing targets. In SEO, backlinks are very important because they are one of the most important ranking factors for every major search engine out there. Giving up a great tool for free is another effective way to gain both attention and backlinks, which have a significant and long-term influence on SEO.

For instance, if someone writes an article titled How to get started with SEO , they can focus on a few tips and tactics without explaining, in-depth, what SEO is -- instead, they can simply link to an SEO Ultimate Guide, if their readers have further questions.

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