SEO on Facebook

SEO Title %3D Your fan page name Meta Description %3D Fan page name + the About section of your page H1 %3D Your fan page name When posting updates to your Facebook wall, remember that the first 18 characters of a Facebook post serve as the meta description. It’s true that you don’t have too many characters to explain how amazing your business is – the limit is set at 155 – but it’s enough to summarize your company’s “why” and tell your prospects how they can benefit from it.

Facebook SEO

tips and best practices are often updated, but you should always use straightforward and good quality copy standards on your pages.

What does SEO mean on Facebook?

It involves understanding how search engines like Google rank and categorize content on the Internet and using these principles to help design and create content for your website. This post provides a few more tips on optimizing your Facebook page for SEO right now, and answers your Q&A questions from my Mozinar with Rand. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Facebook can help you further boost the SEO of your website as it enables high-quality backlinks, increasing the authority of a domain, thereby helping in ranking higher on Google's top pages for specific keywords.

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