Understanding Your Target Audience Through Search Engines

Search engines are a medium for content discovery, not the target audience. To better connect with your target audience, you need to analyze search queries, intent, and site behavior. Your target audience is the people you want to attract to your website, and they are your future customers. When they search for what you offer through a search engine, you want your website to appear in the results.

Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are just some of the paid SEM (search engine marketing) tools you can use to engage with your customers. Organic search is still dominant despite changes to the design of search engines that have pushed organic results lower on the page. Don't discount other search engines like Bing either, which scored 7.2% of searches in the same month. Additionally, 30% of the pages that appear on the first page of desktop search results do not appear in the top 10 results on mobile devices.

To understand your target audience, research around your top business keywords and look at their ranking. Use this research to outline your characters and get a better view of who you're trying to target through SEO. Defining your target audience is about knowing exactly who is looking for the keywords that could lead them to your website. Once you know who these people are, you can develop a strategy and implement tactics to make sure you're visible when they're looking.

With an effective SEO strategy in place, you can put your business in front of these people when they search online.

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